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Founder & Executive Director

Tim Storms is an actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator and director.  Tim earned a degree in classical and musical theatre, conjunctively studying all types of movement, including stage combat, mime, and dance. Using the vast array of skills he’d acquired, he directed, choreographed and acted in hundreds of productions, including plays, films, and professional ballets.  While training Laurence Fishburne for THE MATRIX, he began specializing in Hong Kong style wire-work and Wu Shu kung fu. Combining all those various, but similar movement styles inspired him to create his own school, The Academy Of Movement Arts And Sciences, now re-named ACTION PLANET. Tim’s passion is finding the synergy of all the different movement and performance styles he has studied, and conveying that passion to his students.

John Tieng- Program Director

John Tieng is a director, dancer, stunt performer and stunt coordinator. He earned a Bachelor in Film Production degree from Los Angeles Film School. He is a member of ACTION PLANET stunt team. John's passion is directing and choreographing action for film and television, to tell stories that evoke emotions, and tell incredible stories.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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