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Each course is 2x/week, for 4 weeks.

Classes are 2.5 hours long.


Each class will give students practical, on-set experience in camera details, specifically camera movement, timing and shooting for the edit.

Three major aspects of filming action scenes will be the focus: CAMERA OPERATING, LIGHTING, and DIRECTING.


Individuals will be given hands-on opportunities to carry a physical camera, "dancing" alongside action actors and stunt performers, in order to discover camera positions and techniques that will enhance the action. Angles, camera movements and using action to tell stories will all be part of this training.

John teaches Ti.heic


This segment will focus on how to properly set up lights, and how to use them to create the "mood" for each scene. Color selection, intensity, and light and shadow are all tools used to create the story.


This segment will focus on working directly with the performers. Using the script, directors will  learn how to bring forth the best and most interesting performances for each scene.


This class will give students practical, on-set experience in Performing action scenes and stunts for film and television. Classes will focus on proper film-fighting techniques of all styles, weapons handling, and reactions for the camera.

Safety, timing, spacing, and camera angles will all be taught, by top professionals working in the stunt business.

Students in the Performance Track will be paired with students from the Production Track, and perform in at least one project from Performance Track. Footage from said projects can be used for performer's demo reel.

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